The panel of Nezha Haffou, Kitty Zijlmans and John Clark talked this afternoon mostly about the position of foreign artists in a new country. How do they cope in a new environment, a different culture and alsmost always a different language? They started by each giving a short presentation and their point of view. Continue Reading »

Abdelkader BenaliThe audience was waiting with anticipation, ready for the workshop given by writer/journalist Abdelkader Benali. Unfortunately Abdelkader Benali was stuck in traffic. Although Holland is a relatively small country, the traffic is an absolute nightmare, especially on a Friday afternoon. But the visitors didn’t mind. Everyone just got an extra cup of coffee and waited patiently. Continue Reading »

Paul Scheffer100What is Be[com]ing Dutch? What does becoming Dutch mean in this Age of Global Democracy? The first guest-speakers of the Caucus, professors Paul Scheffer and Louk Hagendoorn have a very different approach to answering this question. Is there even an answer, seems to be the general idea.

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Today the Eindhoven Caucus starts, the second phase of the award winning project Be[com]ing Dutch by the Van Abbemuseum. November 9 through to December 6 we will discuss cultural identity, with world renowned speaker and the audience.

We want to share this debate with the world. We have asked 10 students of the Hogeschool Utrecht to report on the Caucus, via this blog. Please read and see their experiences. Languages will be mixed, and media will differ. So add this page this page to your favourites and come again.