The panel of Sunday-afternoon starts of with a relaxed atmosphere and a busy room. Dieter Lesage unfortunately couldn’t be here, due to illness. Gerald Raunig however, is the first to admit that due to Lesage’s illness he can give a longer presentation. Phil Collins (not the Phil Collins, as Charles Esche pointed out in his introduction) admits his nerves about talking in front of an audience. Nevertheless it proves to be an entertaining afternoon. Continue Reading »

panelCan we own a piece of the moon? This question was raised yesterday at the panel with the duo Bik van der Pol and the duo Kodwo Eshun and Anjalika Sagar. Interestingly enough both duo’s gave a presentation that in some way related to each other. Both were more or less about the question of ownership. When can we call something our own? Continue Reading »

The panel of Nezha Haffou, Kitty Zijlmans and John Clark talked this afternoon mostly about the position of foreign artists in a new country. How do they cope in a new environment, a different culture and alsmost always a different language? They started by each giving a short presentation and their point of view. Continue Reading »

Abdelkader BenaliThe audience was waiting with anticipation, ready for the workshop given by writer/journalist Abdelkader Benali. Unfortunately Abdelkader Benali was stuck in traffic. Although Holland is a relatively small country, the traffic is an absolute nightmare, especially on a Friday afternoon. But the visitors didn’t mind. Everyone just got an extra cup of coffee and waited patiently. Continue Reading »

Paul Scheffer100What is Be[com]ing Dutch? What does becoming Dutch mean in this Age of Global Democracy? The first guest-speakers of the Caucus, professors Paul Scheffer and Louk Hagendoorn have a very different approach to answering this question. Is there even an answer, seems to be the general idea.

Continue Reading »

Finally, the participants of the project have arrived. In the empty old school on the Kanaalstraat in Eindhoven artists from all over the world came together to have dinner and to celebrate the beginniEtentjeng of the exciting and challenging Eindhoven Caucus as part of the project Be[com]ing Dutch. Although most of them were a little nervous, soon everyone felt more comfortable when Charles Esche and Annie Fletcher welcomed them. Continue Reading »