Ólafur Ólafsson“After yesterday’s lecture I started reading the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” Ólafur Ólafsson points at a small pile of papers on the table. “I was thinking about reading a few articles to you. Although of course you already know it by heart, don’t you?” This witty remark allows the audience to laugh. But only few people chuckle softly. I wonder if the rest of them really do know it by heart.. Continue Reading »

ArtThe Museum Night, organised by the Van Abbemuseum, took place last Saturday night. This 4th edition was connected to the project Be[com]ing Dutch. Visitors were encouraged to find out how the diversity of Holland can be connected to art. Everybody who was not afraid to be confronted with situations that excite the senses and trigger emotions could walk around in the museum for free. Children and adults of all ages took part in workshops and went to see performances given by a diversity of artists.

*Take my hand to travel back in time and cross the van Abbe once more* Continue Reading »

Italian-born multimedia artist Mario Rizzi is slightly hidden behind his laptop when he introduces himself to the audience. The 35 participants of the Be[com]ing Dutch Eindhoven Caucus have just had lunch and a short break to clear their minds from brain teasing discussion points brought in by the morning panel. They listen silently to the man that has acquired international recognition by collecting other peoples life stories.

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