SpivakTonight it’s the very last lecture of the Eindhoven Caucus. There are a few participants and a lot of new faces in the full auditorium. Annie introduces the last speaker, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak. She is a professor at the Columbia University in New York and will speak about Alter globalization and conceptual art. Continue Reading »

This last Sunday begins with a conversation between Kobena Mercer and Nikos Papastergiadis. The subject, and they keep to it quite well, was Face and Facelessness and Place and Placenessless of the Other. Both got the opportunity to state their opinion about this before Charles Esche would, as he hoped, shape it into a dialogue.
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Paul Gilroy is the keynote speaker today. He is a lecturer on the London School of Economics and a sociologist. The title of his lecture is Multiculture and Conviviality in Postcolonial Europe. The auditorium is completely booked out. It is noticeable that had lectured before. He talks in a nice clear voice, enthusiastic but under control and pauses sometimes. The transparency was welcome, because his lecture is full of information, which passes in a steady rhythm.
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Due to the strike in France the lecturer of today, Catherine David could not be here. Instead there was an impromptu panel with Deborah Cherry, Galit Eilat and Shaheen Merali. Deborah Cherry introduced the other two speakers and told the audience how these hours would be filled. Continue Reading »

SushiDe vierde Museumnacht was goed gevuld. En niet alleen met verschillende workshops, kunstwerken, documentaires en optredens. Er was een flink aantal bezoekers in alle leeftijdsgroepen die kunst bekeken, meededen aan de workshops en het oude en het nieuwe gebouw vulden. Continue Reading »

Sober room, black chairs and a white table. The speakers blend right in with their semi-formal outfits. Their stories and interactions are more colorful.
Charles Esche recaptures what was discussed in yesterday’s panel, how it went and what will be (one of the) subjects today. The three speakers today: Grant Watson, Dmitry Vilensky and Shepherd Steiner talk about the inheritance of communism. Or so it started out.

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