here are my answers. please understand I have to be short because of lack of time, but I tried to be precise.

very best,
Thomas Hirschhorn

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ok caucus is going for abouth 1 week high enthausiasme great human beings coming together to share some learning proces talking together and with invited people abouth what has to happen!! we are getting used to eachother the energy is becoming stronger and stronger where it will go nobody knows but one thing we have in common the willing to use personal energy to connect like no words are needed only action!! one of the highlights untill now for me was erden kosova ya-sev ya-terket couldn t say it better for me the things i hear feel whatever are abouth sharing public space and testing the limits from the social control system and that art needs to touch also tolerance comes from above /denial powerstructure/ erase the problems of identity…..healing…. on the other hand the desire to destroy expectations